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Residential Films

Master Window Solutions residential window tinting enhances your home’s curb appeal, give you added privacy, or provide a transparent alternative. […]

commercial films

Commercial Films

Instead of letting the sun control your commercial property, control it with our Commercial Window Tinting Films. […]

commercial films

Automotive Films

As Palm Desert’s favorite Automotive Window Films & Tints Company, Master Window Solutions offers the best in automotive window films. […]

commercial films

Decorative Films

Our quality Decorative Window Film in Palm Desert from 3MTM offers you the most in security and decorative film options for your windows. […]

3M Security and Safety Films

3M Safety and Security Films

Our Palm Desert 3M™ Security Film offers you privacy to effectively block out the view to hide areas of your home. […]

Earthquake Readiness

Earthquake Readiness

We at Master Window Solutions can help protect you and your family from flying glass during an Earthquake. […]


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Privacy and UV Protection

Master Window Solutions is busy adding window film for privacy in Residential and UV protection to Automobiles recently. This customer requested “Privacy” film to the bottom portion of his windows so he would have privacy and still have his scenic views without covering up the windows.

Bathroom Area

residential window film
residential window film

Automobile UV Protection

automobile uv protectionThis season our clients are also focused on Ultra Violet Light Protection for their vehicles. We have a client stating her Dermatologist advised her to install our 3M UV Blocking Film to her Home and Automobiles due to her skin condition with some Melanomas he’s been removing. Our Automotive and Residential 3M Films block 99.9% UV from entering your home or vehicle. We can help Reduce Heat, Glare, UV and save Money. Protect Home Furnishings, Artwork, Pets and of course your own skin. SPF 1000!

As the years go by, new technologies are invented that blow the old products they replace away. For example, our quality window films are completely different from the old metallic window tinting products that most people think of when they hear the words, “Window Tinting.” Today’s window films are exceptional at controlling the amount of sunlight energy that infiltrates through your windows blocking harmful ultra violet light.

Window film is not just Tint any more! Our window films offer you the best in protection from harmful UV rays, blocking up to 99.9% of the damaging rays and heat coming in through your windows at home and your vehicle. You have options from clear films to heavily tinted films that give you control over your interior climate as well as offer you privacy and decorative elements for your space.

Designer styles give you decorative choices for your home or commercial building, offering you many more options for your aesthetic pleasure. Plus, today’s window tinting and films bring you better protection from impacts from storms, vandalism, scratching, etching, and more. Our 3M™ Fasara™ line gives your glass finishes the most in options to create exciting, dynamic effects like ricepaper walls and more.

Master Window Solutions Can Help You Prevent Smash & Grabs

If you ever wondered what the chances are that an intruder will find his way into your home? The fact is, the United States leads the world in occurrence of burglaries and about four burglaries occur every minute; that’s one every 15 seconds! SafeWise, The authority on safety and home security news.

burglarMaster Window Solutions will help you fortify your home and business against intruders with affordable protection. Master Window Solutions can help to keep intruders outside and keep them outside, and you safe inside.

Don't let the bad guys intrude through your home and/or businesses weak points. Smash and Grab's like these could be prevented by utilizing Master Window Solutions 3M Security Films.
For more information, see this article from KESQ Local News

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Safety & Security Film

Transform you windows from your weakest link to your best source of strength with our high quality window and glass films. Whether you’re looking for window tinting films for your commercial or residential property, our Safety & Security window films will help to keep you safe from break-ins, impacts, scratching, shattering glass, and more. These films are manufactured to hold the glass fragments together if broken. They also reduce scratching and etching that can cause glass weakness.

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Home Window Tinting

Palm Desert Residential Window TintYour home has different windows facing different directions, with some windows in the path of direct sunlight. Whether your home is completely shaded or completely in the sun, our window tinting films can save you a ton on energy bills by blocking out the heat which is caused by the sun’s infrared light. Protect your home, your furnishings, and your loved ones with the most in UV ray protection with quality window tinting services by our Palm Desert Window Tinting Company!

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Palm Desert Window Tint Automotive Tint

Automotive Window Tinting

Don’t trust your expensive automotive equipment to window tints or films that are substandard in quality. You want the best, longest lasting quality window films & tents available, and our Palm Desert Window Tinting Company is your local service company for these high quality products. Every installation we provide comes with the best warranties in the business, including a national lifetime warranty on many products.

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Palm Desert Window Tint Retail Tint

Retail Store Window Films

With retail, you want to be sure your store windows look great at all times and that you’ve protected your products exposed to sunlight from damage. You also need to be sure to control your energy costs wherever possible. With the right window films, your retail store will have the right solutions installed to meet your needs. Windows facing direct sunlight can be fitted with heat and UV ray blocking window films that still allow you to see through the glass so your retail products are clearly visible for walking or drive by traffic.

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Your Favorite Palm Desert Window Tinting Company

As Palm Desert window tinting professionals, we’ve served many commercial and residential clients in the area with quality window tinting installations and removals. Our Palm Desert Window Tinting Company uses high quality products so you’re also getting some of the best warranties available. Residential homeowners love our decorative window films and also often utilize our services for their automotive use including for cars, trucks, boats, RV’s, and more.

Many of our commercial customers are implementing the use of window tinting for their businesses and have many options available for safety & security, privacy, and for options to help with energy usage such as the Light Redirecting technology in our selection of films for directing sunlight where it reflects off more indoor surfaces, cutting down on your lighting needs and bringing in natural light deeper inside the indoor spaces.

Our designer styles are very popular with the homeowner and include options in frosted, patterned, sandblasted glass, etched glass, and more, all with many patterns and several beautiful colors to choose from. Any glass surface can be fitted with a beautiful decorative film. Including skylights, china cabinets, bathroom mirrors, decorative mirrors, glass tables or other furniture, sliding doors, plate glass windows, and more.

3M Window Film Installation

Recent Projects


3M S800 Ultra Safety and Security Film in Palm Springs

Corporate Offices in Palm Springs needed to secure their windows from breakage due to vandalism, and break-ins. Installed 3M Ultra S800 Safety and Security Film plus 3M Impact Protection....

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3M Affinity 30 and Decorative Film Indian Wells, CA

The Merrill Lynch office had old tint that was discoloring, cracking and peeling. We removed it and replaced it with 3M Affinity 30 to help with 63% heat blocking, 99% UV Ray protection, and 72% Glare reduction....

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3M Prestige 70 & Decorative Film at Indian Ridge Country Club in Palm Desert, CA

A residence in Indian Ridge Country Club. We installed 3M Prestige 70 Interior & Exterior film on the windows to add 50% to 60% heat blocking, 99.9% UV Ray protection, and 22% glare reduction....

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3M Paint Protection Film on a Refrigerator and Dishwasher in Palm Springs, CA

Customer did not want to see finger prints on the Stainless Steel appliances. This customer is a long time client who has had 3 Lexus SUV's since 2005 and has our shop put on the 3M Film on each of her cars. She is a firm believer in the 3M Protection Film.

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