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Indian Wells Window Tinting

Are you an Indian Wells homeowner or commercial business owner interested in a way to save on your energy costs? If so, you may be interested in Indian Wells Window Tinting as a way to help you cut your energy costs for your commercial building or home. There are many benefits to having your windows tinting, but the great thing about it is that you can have just one window tinted or all your windows tinted depending on your needs.

Do you have a side of the building that gets more direct sunlight than on other areas of the building? Are you seeing a few windows in your home that let in too much heat in the summer and cold in the window? The right kind of window tinting can help you get your home atmosphere worked out where window with direct sunlight don’t make the building so hot.

Residential Window Tinting in Indian Wells

Window tinting for your home can reduce the affects of sun damage and can help you with energy savings. Window films are useful in many ways, not just as decorative elements or to reduce glare. They serve well to block direct sunlight out so you can enjoy areas of your home that receive too much light. They can also offer additional security for you and your family as well as protection for the window itself. Certain films adhere to the glass creating a strong layer that keeps the glass from shattering.

Indian Wells Commercial Window Tinting

Window tinting is important in commercial settings by keeping the energy costs down, offering protection from harmful UV sun rays, eye strain, privacy problems, fading of furnishings or carpets, security, and more. Do you have problems with graffiti or need an extra layer of protection for windows? Adhering to the glass surface and making it stronger and more shatterproof means you have another layer of protection from vandalism or the affects of scouring wind or other elements that scratch up your glass.

Automotive Window Tinting in Indian Wells

Additional tinting for your automobile can be done, offering you a higher level of sun protection while you’re on the road. Keeping UV rays at bay, helping you to see better while driving by keeping glares down, and adding a little privacy are the main reasons people with automobiles request our Indian Wells Window Tinting services. Just one instance of a glaring sunbeam in the eye can cause you danger while driving your automobile. Window tinting has come a long way from the old tinting film. Let our Indian Wells Window Tinting crew show you what we can do for your automobile!

Master Window Solutions will provide you with the perfect window tinting solution to fit your needs. Our professional Indian Wells Window Tinting technicians take pride in their quality workmanship, offering you the best in residential and commercial window tinting services. You’ll get some of the best options to choose from, in styles and colors that may amaze you. You’ll have unmatched quality and great prices, all to reduce your glare, block heat and UV rays, and more. To get the greatest selection, count on Master Window Solutions today!


3M Affinity 30 and Decorative Film Indian Wells, CA

The Merrill Lynch office had old tint that was discoloring, cracking and peeling. We removed it and replaced it with 3M Affinity 30 to help with 63% heat blocking, 99% UV Ray protection, and 72% Glare reduction....

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