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If you’re a Palm Springs area homeowner or commercial business owner, you’ll be interested in any methods of reducing your home or business energy costs you can find. Our Palm Springs Window Tinting services are one way to drastically cut your energy costs and provides you with other benefits as well.

Our professional Palm Springs Window Tinting can be done on any window or all windows you have. In most homes or buildings, there are windows that get more sunlight depending on which direction the windows are facing. You may need to block sunlight partially or fully. You may need to block direct sunlight or partial. If you have one side of the building that heats up quicker and is harder to cool or heat in winter, window tinting can help regulate the energy transference of the windows.

With the right choices in window films, your home or building will be safer and more protected as well. As another layer, window tinting gives the glass more resistance to damages caused by impacts, scratching, vandalism, and more.

Residential Palm Springs Window Tinting

If you have different temperature zones in your home, meaning one room or a few room are always too hot or too cold no matter how you set your HVAC system, it’s likely the cause is from your windows and how the home sits with the sun’s path in relation to your home.

Hot zones occur usually where windows face direct sun. Window tinting protects your interior by blocking out harmful sun energy, causing less transference of the air to the outside after you’ve heated it for the winter, and blocks hot air from the outside coming in through the window.

Palm Springs Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial buildings can benefit from our Palm Springs Window Tinting in many ways, including making the window glass stronger, protecting your customers and employees. Window Tinting is a great way to keep your window glass from getting scratches and damages from small impacts, making it stronger and more functional.

Commercial Window tinting can also be great for business properties to help your customers with privacy. Window tinting adds another lay to your windows, making them more durable and shatter resistant. It’s great for blocking permanent graffiti and more.

Automotive Window Tinting in Palm Springs

When you’re on the road, the last thing you want to have to worry about is how to avoid direct sun coming in during the summertime. Protecting yourself while in your automobile is important, and so is protecting your vehicle from too much heat and light. With window tinting, you get great protection from your vehicle windows, making them more durable and functional than ever before!


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Master Window Solutions has installed Phase 2 of Security Window Film at the World Famous Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. We’ve installed 2,536 sq feet and have at least 2 more phases to complete. Palm Springs Tram reached out to Master Window Solutions to install the film at the Mountain Station - elevation of 8,516 ft...

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Palm Springs Window Tinting Reviews & Testimonials

is Rated: 5 / 5
based on these 2 happy customer reviews.

"I had Crystalline installed on my Acura RDX and I immediately could tell a difference in the temperature inside my car while driving. My arm doesn't get burnt anymore when I'm on a long drive and I don't have to worry about harmful UV rays!! I would definitely recommend the 3M Crystalline film on ANY vehicle!"

| Rated: 5/5

"I went in to get my windows tinted as I just moved to Palm Springs recently. I took a look at their crystalline products and i was given a demonstration by the wonderful female working. I was immediately convinced this was worth the money as darker to me doesn't mean better. Especially considering there aren't a lot of lights in Palm Springs at night. The heat was reduced drastically in my car and now it is such a comfort to drive while still being able to see incredibly well at night and not get pulled over by the police constantly. The service was incredibly fast, professional, and it looks amazing. Thanks so much!!!"

| Rated: 5/5

If you are looking for Palm Springs window tinting or window film services call our Palm Springs window tinting company, Master Window Solutions at 760-772-3082 or complete our online request form.

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