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Anti-Graffiti Window Film for Your Business

bermuda dunes anti-graffiti window film

As a Bermuda Dunes business owner, you must be diligent about protecting your commercial property, and one of the best ways to prevent damage is to hire a-window tint company to apply anti-graffiti window film. Exposed windows are susceptible to graffiti, etching, and scratching, but anti-graffiti window film will reduce the number of window replacements that your commercial property requires....

5 Reasons to Tint Your Vehicle's Windows

Are you intrigued by the idea of hiring a window tint service to add tinting to your car's windows? If you're on the fence and need some more information before you make a decision, take a look at the following reasons to get automotive window tinting in Beaumont....

Why You Should Consider Decorative Window Film for Your Business

Cathedral City businesses often opt for decorative film on their windows to protect them from extreme weather, UV rays, and various acts of vandalism, such as etching and graffiti. Decorative film from window film contractors improves the appearance of many commercial properties and vehicles....

Keep Your Business Booming with These Commercial Window Film Options

Looking for a way to keep your business looking great while also keeping costs down? Then you might want to look to one of your most unexpected resources: your windows. Specifically, you might want to consider outfitting your commercial windows with any of the following window films that are sure to help your bottom line in the following ways....

The Benefits Of Light Redirecting Window Films

Letting natural sunlight in through the windows saves money on lighting and gives us a healthy atmosphere. Unless you are drawn to a dark and gloomy atmosphere or don't mind seeing only by artificial light, covering up the windows that are facing direct sunlight is out of the question.

What is Window Tinting?

Here in Palm Desert, the sun doesn’t fail to shine down on us and all of our belongings. While most of us love the never ending sunshine, it’s impossible to ignore the adverse effects that the sun could pose.

Advantages of Retail Store Window Tinting

Being a Palm Desert business owner means always looking for new ways to improve business. One essential step savvy entrepreneurs are taking is getting window tinting for their retail windows in place. In all actuality, anyone who fails to get this task taken care of is only doing themselves a disservice, we well as their customers.

3M Prestige Heat and UV Blocking Window Tint

3M z

Windows let in a tremendous amount of heat and sunlight. While natural light is pleasing in many ways, it can also cause severe fading of your decor furnishings, create an uncomfortable environment, hike up your energy bills, and even cause skin cancer or eye damage. 3M Heat Blocking Window Tints in the Prestige Series are designed to reflect solar heat, reduce fading, and add a healthy layer of protection to your home.

Benefits of Heat Blocking Window Films You Should Take Advantage Of

3M z

As a Palm Desert homeowner, you are always looking for ways to improve your home as well as enrich your quality of life. There are plenty of options out there, but it makes sense to also opt for ones that will benefit you in ways, such as cutting your energy bills. This is where heat blocking window films come into the picture.

3 Ways To Save Money With 3M Light Redirecting Films

3M z

3M daylight redirecting window films can be a key component in making the interior of your home or business a much more enjoyable place to be, and they can help you save money as well. Here is a short list we've put together of just several of the ways you can work to save with Palm Desert window tints.

What You Need to Know About UV Blocking Films

3M z

You are probably well aware of the fact that ordinary glass windows offer little to no protection against UV rays.

How to Prepare Your Palm Desert Windows with Window Film for Earthquakes

3M z

Living in Palm Desert, there is the constant possibility that an earthquake can occur in the area. For this reason it is important to take precautions to protect your home and family from these inevitable occurrences. One potential safety even minor earthquakes can cause is shattered glass.....

High Quality 3M Crystalline and Prestige Window Films in Palm Desert

3M Crystalline

One great addition that you should consider making to your home is installing window film on your property. High quality window film is a great way to improve many aspects of your home. It can be used to keep the interior of your residence more comfortable. It enhances the energy efficiency of your property. Lastly, it protects the interior of your home from harmful solar radiation....

About 3M Sun Control Window Film Prestige Residential Series

3M Window Films

The 3M Window Films in the Prestige Residential Series is designed to allow most of the light into your home and all the visibility while reducing the solar heat that comes from the sun by rejecting up to 97% of the infrared light and up to 60% of the heat coming through your windows...

Why You Need Beaumont Window Tinting

Beaumont Window Tinting

There are plenty of options out there, as a Beaumont homeowner, that help you to improve your home, including window tinting. This increasingly popular option for your home has many benefits but if you are still new to the concept then you may not know much about it. Yet once you get this added to…

Options in Decorative Window Films in Indian Wells, CA

Palm Desert Window Tinting Products, Palm Desert Heat Control Window Film, Decorative Window Films in Indian Wells

When you own a home and you're interested in making a few home improvements that also add to the aesthetic appeal to your home, you're probably considering doing things like redecorating, replacing furnishings, artwork, or even adding on a room or modifying your basement area. One of the great ways you can improve your home…

Questions and Answers About Our Palm Desert Window Tinting Films

Palm Desert Window Tinting Films

Q: How is the window film applied? A: Our  Palm Desert Window Tinting Films are applied professionally by our skilled, authorized technicians. Nearly all our films are designed to go inside your glass, not outside. We first prepare the window, placing drop cloths on the floor and protecting furnishings where necessary. Glass is thoroughly cleaned,…

7 Reasons Why Homeowners Love Our Palm Springs Window Films

Palm Springs Window Films

Palm Springs homeowners love our Palm Springs Window Films at Master Window Solutions! The process of window tinting has been around for many decades, especially in commercial applications, but the homeowner has much less knowledge of the materials because most homes come with pre-made windows that are already tinted to some degree. However, residential homeowners…

Things That 3M Can Protect

Palm Springs Window Films

The Palm Springs area is more than lovely. This California haven is lined with mountains, deserts, and an abundance of sunshine. We’re not surprised that more and more people are choosing the Palms as their home. However, despite how lovely this area is, the homes and businesses that exist inside of it are susceptible to damage...

Ways to Protect Yourself from Skin Cancer

Palm Springs Window Films

Skin cancer is not something that anybody should take lightly. In the United States, one person dies from melanoma every hour and there will be an estimated 87,110 new cases in 2017. Because we live in Palm Springs, an area that isn’t exactly known for its cloudiness, we need to take extra precautions in keeping our skin safe. Sunscreen goes a long way, but it isn’t foolproof.

How a Commercial Window Tint Can Help Your Business

Palm Springs Window Films

There’re many small things that can bring a business down. Believe it or not, sunlight could be one of those things! Here’s how a 3M window tint could help.

Be Earthquake Prepared

Palm Springs Window Films

California is earthquake central, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you’re living in the area, take these precautions for your home and family.

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