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3 Ways To Save Money With 3M Light Redirecting Films

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No matter if you are a homeowner or a business owner, if you have a large number of windows in your home of office, you know how quickly the area can start to heat up. In addition, the blinding light and glare from these windows can act as a deterrent for customers entering your business, distract employees and decrease their level of productivity, or just make your home uncomfortable to be in during certain periods of the day. Luckily, there is a solution that will help you optimize the natural light that comes through your windows, making your home or business a much more enjoyable place to be for family members and customers alike. 3M daylight redirecting window films can be a key component in making the interior of your home or business a much more enjoyable place to be, and they can help you save money as well. Here is a short list we've put together of just several of the ways you can work to save with Palm Desert window tints.

Residential & Commercial Enhancement

Since most of us spend an average of 90% of our lives indoors, it is important that the spaces we spend that time in are comfortable for us both physically and mentally. For many of us, cooler, brighter spaces are the ideal setting, especially when it comes to our home and work lives. For business owners and those who work from home, having an enjoyable work space can lead to a much higher efficiency and mental state for getting things done. This is especially true for commercial environments. A more enjoyable work space leads to higher productivity and the attraction of greater talent which can make all the difference between surpassing your competition or them surpassing you. In addition to the mental effect natural sunlight has on you and your workers, you will be able to feel the financial effect as well since the light redirecting window films will help spread natural daylight throughout your building and reducing the amount of heat buildup at the same time. This can limit your reliance on lighting during the day and also help you save on energy costs as well.

Keep Your Interior Brighter

Daylight harvesting has become a very important aspect of most modern offices and retail store designs. Besides the obvious effects of being able to better display your products and the mental benefit that comes from natural daylight and brighter spaces, research has shown that there is an actual link between increases in purchasing behavior and significant savings in commercial buildings due to the lower demand for artificial lighting. With 3M redirecting films, you can harness this natural sunlight and have to rely less on artificial lighting, improving the ambiance of your business and leading to more profits.

Lower Energy Costs

Every business owner knows that energy costs are a good portion of their monthly spending, and up to 28% of this spending along can go towards artificial lighting. Think of how much money you could save by reducing your reliance on artificial lighting through the installation of 3M redirecting window films. By harnessing and redirecting the natural sunlight that comes through your windows, you could save between 30-80% on your lighting energy by not having to rely on them as much during daytime hours. Master Window Solutions could easily translate into savings of thousands of dollars, especially if you have a larger commercial building.

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