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High Quality 3M Crystalline and Prestige Window Films in Palm Desert

High Quality 3M Crystalline and Prestige Window Films

One great addition that you should consider making to your home is installing window film on your homes windows. High quality window film is a great way to improve many aspects of your home. It can be used to keep the interior of your residence more comfortable. It enhances the energy efficiency of your property. Lastly, it protects the interior of your home from damaging and harmful UV rays from the sun.

If you are interested in having window film installed in your home, the first thing that you should do is contact a Licensed, Contracted and Bonded Certified professional window film Installer like Master Window Solutions. At Master Window Solutions, our Palm Desert window tinting company is here to help you with your project. We use the highest quality window film manufactured by 3M. We install both Crystalline and Prestige window film products. With our assistance, you are guaranteed to make the most of your efforts.

How 3M Crystalline and Prestige Window Film Improve Comfort

When you install window film on your Palm Desert residence, you make a great choice that will improve how you and your family enjoy your home. In particular, after installation, your windows will reject up to 97% infrared rays from the sun in any room protected with 3M film. During the summer, this radiant heat will be kept outside of your home. Likewise, during the winter, radiant heat will remain within your home. As such, throughout the year, the interior of your home will be far more comfortable and energy efficient.

How 3M Crystalline and Prestige Window Film Saves Energy and Money

In this day and age of high energy prices, any change that we can make to our homes that reduces energy consumption is highly beneficial. The majority of the energy that we consume throughout the year is utilized by our heating and air conditioning systems.

As stated earlier, when you install window film on your desert home, you improve the comfort within your living spaces all year round. As such, you will not need to rely on your HVAC system as heavily. Therefore, you will consume less energy within your home. You will be amazed with the energy savings on your next utility bill. At a point in time in the future 3M film will have paid for itself in energy savings alone.

How 3M Crystalline and Prestige Window Films Protect Your Home's Interior

Although natural light is beautiful and beneficial, it does not come with zero side effects. Along with the natural light that enters your home comes harmful ultraviolet rays. 3M Crystalline and Prestige window films are specifically designed to block over 99 % of UV rays from the sun. As such, your family will be healthier and happier within your desert home and your possessions will be protected from discoloration, fading, and damage.


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