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The Benefits Of Light Redirecting Window Films

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Letting natural sunlight in through the windows saves money on lighting and gives us a healthy atmosphere. Unless you are drawn to a dark and gloomy atmosphere or don't mind seeing only by artificial light, covering up the windows that are facing direct sunlight is out of the question. So most people want to let the natural light in but there are times when too much direct sunlight causes problems like fabric fading and UV-ray exposure.

Natural light is desired so the best solution is to install light redirecting window films. This window film is very useful in redistributing direct sunlight which shines downward during most of the hours of a day.

How Light Redirecting Window Film Works

Light redirecting window film cuts out the glare of natural sunlight by redistributing the light rays as they come in through the glass. The film is constructed with micro-structured prisms which redirect light upward. This new light refracting technology allows the film to reflect natural light up to a 40-foot distance. So it is very useful to light up those darkened areas of a home. The film spreads the light evenly and deeper into a room.

In San Diego, the weather averages about 2,958 hours of sunshine. By harnessing this visible light and redirecting it into the darker areas, you are making the most use of the natural energy available. This alone can help you save on average 50% on the energy bill. Anywhere from 30-80% of the lighting energy can be replaced with natural light after installing this film.

Going Green With Light Redirecting Window Films

Making the most of the artificial light available means you aren't turning on as many artificial lights to produce the necessary interior illumination. Most power plants around the world burn fossil fuels to produce electricity. By cutting down on the amount of power necessary to illuminate your home or commercial building, you are working with others to decrease the fossil fuel burning that creates pollution.

Using a clean light source is equally beneficial for your health as it reduces both the outdoor pollution and indoor pollution. Even CFL light bulbs, which are very popular today, contain mercury under pressure which can leak into the air should the bulb break. While the amount contained within a bulb is very small, you don't want to add to the ozone and other VOC pollutants that get trapped inside a building. Making the most from the sun's light with light redirecting window films and using LED lights in place of the CFL bulbs will help you go green.

The Best Light Redirecting Window Films For San Diego

The best light redirecting windows films come from 3M™. This is why we at San Diego Window Tinting choose to install their films. We know that they are quality made and that the company stays at the forefront of window film technologies. They are award-winning manufacturers of the 3M™ Daylight Redirecting Films. As authorized 3M™ window film installers, we have been trained with this specific product and are highly skilled at residential and commercial installations.

Installing Light Redirecting Window Films

This window film can be installed on new or existing windows. It is best installed by a window film installation professional to ensure proper adherence and function. You will not need any special maintenance or additional hardware for the installation.

Light redirecting window films are installed in homes, office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, retail storefronts, and elsewhere. They are heavily used although most homeowners aren't aware of their usefulness. Since they cut down glare, they are perfect for office buildings and highrises with cubicles. Employees have a more comfortable and enjoyable day and customers love the atmosphere.

If you are located in San Diego, Master Window Solutions is your local authorized 3M™ installer. We have some of the best window tints and films available on the market for all types of different uses. Give us a call and tell us what type of problems you are having and we'll recommend the perfect solution.

If you would like more information about Light Redirecting Window Films or are looking for a Palm Desert Window Tinting & film professional, give the pros at Master Windows Solutions a call today at 760-772-3082 or complete our online request form.

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