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7 Reasons Why Homeowners Love Our Palm Springs Window Films

7 Reasons Why Homeowners Love Our Palm Springs Window Films

Palm Springs homeowners love our Palm Springs Window Films at Master Window Solutions! The process of window tinting has been around for many decades, especially in commercial applications, but the homeowner has much less knowledge of the materials because most homes come with pre-made windows that are already tinted to some degree. However, residential homeowners may be more familiar with the process in automotive applications.

It wasn’t all that long ago that window tinting products for automotive uses were installed on vehicles owned by homeowners. But the quality of the tinting film was often questionable at best with many problems resulting from bubbling to peeling and extremely annoying and frustrating removal following.

But today’s manufacturers have developed window tinting and film products that use new technologies to make the products more durable and effective than ever before. 3M™, our favorite manufacturer for instance, uses technologies that can effectively block out 99.9% of the harmful UV sun rays that cause damage to our skin, eyes, and furnishings or upholstery.

Here’s the real reasons homeowners love our Palm Springs Window Films for their homes and automotive uses:

  1. Heat Reduction – keeping the sun’s infrared light at bay reduces it’s ability to produce heat. By reflective technologies, this light is effectively blocked giving you protection from UV rays and heat transference through glass or windows. This saves homeowners energy costs to keep the home cool, reduces hot spots in the home, and provides windows that are healthy and easy to look out of with the right tint applied.
  2. Reduces Fading of upholstery, carpeting, furnishings, and helps keep woodwork from drying out. Blocking up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays means this film provides an extremely effective sunscreen for healthy skin and eyes.
  3. Reduction in Glare – Decreases glare by 50% or more with our solar films. The darker the film, the better the glare reduction. Also helps with night vision as it reduces headlight and streetlight glare.
  4. Saves Energy – Not only do our high quality window films save energy costs, but it makes the indoor climate more comfortable. By blocking up to 80% of the heat that comes in through your Palm Desert windows, you’ll be saving much on utility costs.
  5. Offers Safety & Security –  Anytime you protect your windows with an additional layer of materials, you’re helping the window structure to keep from breaking. But with our window films, the materials adhere to the windows keeping them from shattering into flying shards of glass. Smash and grab robberies are diverted because the glass is much more difficult to break through, and when it does break it all sticks together making it difficult to remove from the framing. It also adds much in privacy for any area you need private, increasing your security.
  6. Decorative Enhancement – Our beautiful window films come in many beautiful styles and patterns to enhance your home or business and can be applied to all types of glass, not just windows. From etched styles to sandblast looks to stained glass and a full array of patterns and colors, you’ll have many options for your decorative enhancements.
  7. Efficient Application – With our technicians who are fully trained and certified to handle the materials no matter which type or style you choose, you’ll get efficient applications that are done in a timely manner.

No matter the reason you’re thinking about window tinting or decorative window films, you’ll be doing much to improve your home. Not only are you creating a more valuable home, you’re adding to the function and beauty as well. For the highest in quality residential window tinting, call Palm Desert’s favorite Window Tinting Company, Master Window Solutions!

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