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How a Commercial Window Tint Can Help Your Business

Protect your business with a 3M window tint!

When you’re running a business, even the smallest things count. Regardless if it’s an office building where customers aren’t regularly visiting, or a brick and mortar where you’re constantly attending to customers’ needs, you still need to keep on top of everything to prevent your business from suffering. We at Master Window Solutions firmly believe that something as simple as a 3M commercial window tint could boost productivity, customer retention, or both. How? We have a few reasons.

Helps reduce glare on the computer from the sun

Unless your office uses computer monitors that are specially designed to not reflect sunlight, glare is going to be an issue. The sunlight from the windows is constantly shining in and reflecting off of the monitors, which is often uncomfortable for employees. A common solution is to put up blinds, but then the entire office is much darker, and natural light is often more preferable than the fluorescent bulbs.

3M commercial window tinting offers a solution to both windows. The tint works to reduce the glare on the computer monitors while also allowing just enough sunlight in to illuminate the office. Happy employees? We think so.

Helps reduce bothersome brightness

Have you ever sat in a restaurant only to feel uncomfortable the entire time by the sun shining in your eyes? Here in Palm Springs, the sun is constantly shining, and this problem is ubiquitous. It isn’t just in restaurants, either, but in most stores that are built with a lot of windows. What’s even worse is that the sunshine isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s dangerous. The UV light from the sun causes skin damage and can even lead to skin cancer.

We have a solution, though! Instead of putting up blinds and blocking the natural light, install 3M commercial window tint to the windows. This will help reduce the brightness of the sun and block harmful UV rays from harming your employees and customers.

Adds a layer of privacy

Sometimes, your business calls for extra window privacy to prevent onlookers from peering in. Again, blinds are good for privacy, but they also prevent natural light from coming through the windows, and natural light is often a good thing. You can have privacy and natural light, however, and it’s not extremely invasive or expensive.

Master Window Solutions provides a large variety of 3M commercial window tints for different applications. For the privacy issue, we have a security film which disallows people on the outside from seeing the inside of the building. Even better, it still allows the sunlight to stream into the building and lets people on the inside have a clear view of what’s going on outdoors.

Keep your employees and customers happy and comfortable with an easy and inexpensive solution: a 3M commercial window tint. The perfected technology behind these protective films are guaranteed to allow just the right amount of light in, protect people from UV rays, and add a layer of privacy is wanted. Contact Master Window Solutions today for more information on how 3M tints could help your business.

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