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Options in Decorative Window Films in Indian Wells, CA

Options in Decorative Window Films in Indian Wells, CA

When you own a home and you’re interested in making a few home improvements that also add to the aesthetic appeal to your home, you’re probably considering doing things like redecorating, replacing furnishings, artwork, or even adding on a room or modifying your basement area.

One of the great ways you can improve your home and add aesthetic appeal is with your choices in beautiful decorative window films that can be applied to windows as well as any other glass surface in your home.

For instance, on your shower doors, you can have window film installed that’s of a frosted pattern. You have several options including dusted or frosted in white, neutral, and brown. Or the Crystal series frosted in Blue, Violet Purple, Mint Green, Gold Yellow Rose Red, and Brown.

Glass finishes go great just about anywhere and come in a huge array of patterns and colors. For instance, a complete line of white to frosted or crushed white finishes come in solid, striped, woven, dotted, and chainlike patterns of varying designs. Some even resemble the look of mini-blinds and others vertical blinds. There are also many in geometric patterns that are very interesting if that sort of style appeals to you.

You can opt for differing levels of opacity from completely opaque to completely translucent. Colors are available in black and grey, neutral, brown, and white. Styles come in:

  • Bordered
  • Horizontal stripes or lines
  • Gradiant
  • Prism
  • Dot
  • Transparent
  • Fabric
  • Japan Paper
  • Frosted
  • Mat

Just because your indoors, it doesn’t mean that you’re protected from harmful UV rays from the sun. In fact, just sitting near an unprotected window can result in dangerous levels that can cause problems for both children and adults.*

With over 12 million American with children receiving dangerous levels of UV rays from the sun, it’s vital that we all take a look at our home’s and school’s ability to protect us from skin and eye damage. Unfortunately, our nation just isn’t as aware as we all should be.

With our high quality Decorative Window Films in Indian Wells, we can help you create a better home environment where everyone is safe from the sun’s harmful rays. Our window films offer you a cost-effective way to protect yourself and your family, whether at home, in your vehicle, or at your office by blocking up to 99.9 % of UVA. You won’t have to worry about lined drapes that block out your illumination too, or using sunscreen while indoors. With our Decorative Window Films in Indian Wells, you’ll never have to worry about fading furnishings, drying woodwork or flooring, ruined rugs, or health damaging effects that cause skin cancer and blindness. Plus, you’ll enjoy savings in energy costs to keep the home cool. Any way you look at it, options in window films of today bring you many benefits you’re going to love!

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