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Things that 3M Film Can Protect

What 3M Window Film Can Protect Your Home or Business From

The Palm Springs area is more than lovely. This California haven is lined with mountains, deserts, and an abundance of sunshine. We’re not surprised that more and more people are choosing the Palms as their home. However, despite how lovely this area is, the homes and businesses that exist inside of it are susceptible to damage. This is especially true for the windows and glass doors that provide a translucent barrier between buildings and the outdoors. These structures are strong, but they’re not invincible. Here are a few of the many things that a 3M security film can protect against:


Vandalization is never fun and it can be tricky to clean up. While it isn’t practical to cover your entire building with 3M security film, you can start by protecting your windows, glass doors, mirrors, elevator windows, escalator barriers, and glass countertops. That way, when people try to color over those surfaces with paint or permanent markers, the actual surface won’t be affected, just the film. If you own a high traffic business where security can’t ward vandals off, this film will do the trick.


Scratching is inevitable. Between the wind blowing things into your windows, people touching glass doors, and dining ware grazing the surface of glass tables, scratches and scrapes are going to eventually pop up. Then what? You can’t wipe off glass and if the scrapes pile up, the marks will become especially noticeable. Protect your glass surfaces from scrapes with a discreet 3M film. Not only are the films inexpensive, but they also work extremely well.

UV Radiation

The sun in Palm Springs is always shining. Because of its unrelenting nature, it’s in our best interest to protect ourselves and our property. We’re aware that UV rays can harm our skin, but what about the inside of our home? Windows protect us from quite a few things, but the sun is rarely one of them. 3M window tints are designed to prevent UV rays from entering the home and degrading the color of your walls, upholstery, flooring, and other items.


Heat, in the form of infrared waves, can penetrate the glass and heat the inside of your home up. While this doesn’t sound like a bad thing for homeowners who actually experience winter, excess heat during a Palm Springs day is just another reason to crank up your air conditioner more. The amount we pay for energy every month is highly dependent on our HVAC usage. 3M window tints block out heat, lowering the need to crank up the air conditioner and our electricity bills at the same time.

If you’re in the Palm Springs area and own a home or business, then take the time to protect glass surfaces in the easiest and most hands-off way possible. Master Window Solutions provides 3M window tints that offer and unmatched level of protection and quality. Interested? Give us a call today! Thanks!

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