Residential Window Tint 3M Palm Desert | What is Window Tinting?

What is Window Tinting?

Here's a rundown on the basics of the residential window tinting that we provide

Here in Palm Desert, the sun doesn't fail to shine down on us and all of our belongings. While most of us love the never ending sunshine, it's impossible to ignore the adverse effects that the sun could pose. The sun is not only hot (obviously), but it's also a source of harmful UVA and UVB rays that are powerful and damaging. By this point in your life, you've hopefully come across sunscreen, the lotion you lather on your body that protects your skin from the sun. You know that it's harmful to stay in the sun unprotected for too long, but have you ever wondered about your belongings? While the sun won't necessarily burn your items the same what that it can burn your skin, it can still cause significant damage over time.

Master Window Solutions in Palm Desert specializes in 3M window tinting for both homes and businesses. In a way, protective films offer protection in a similar way that sunscreen does. Instead of your skin, it's your home and belongings that are protected. Today, we thought we'd discuss how 3M residential window film works, what it does, and why it's useful.

What is it?

Master Window Solutions specializes in 3M residential window tint films that is easily applied to all of the windows in your home. Like the name implies, the product is a fairly thin film that doesn't add bulk to your windows and barely stands out. The window film is used to protect the interior of your home.

Protect my home from what, though?

There are two primary things that our house window tinting film protects from: heat and UV rays. Excess heat from the sun beaming into your home can increase the temperature of your home and make it harder to cool. We all know how expensive it is to run your air conditioner on full blast here in Palm Desert. Additionally, direct sunlight could also damage electronics and appliances if they're exposed for significant amounts of time. The second is UV rays. These rays are harmful and can fade furniture and damage skin when they're exposed.

But can a tint really protect from the sun?

You're probably wondering how something as thin and simple as a window film can protect against something as powerful as the sun. The technology used in the 3M residential window tint film is designed to convert the UV rays from the sun into infrared energy, or heat. Once converted, the heat is then reflected back into the atmosphere. The film rejects up to 99.9% of the UV rays, 97% of the infrared light from the sun and about 60% of the heat. 3M is a trusted brand that's been working to advance the technology of their films to offer better protection from the sun.

Master Window Solutions works with 3M because we're aware of how effective their products are. Additionally, we're skilled in applying these tints so that they work to the best of their ability.

Do they block out the sunlight completely?

Note that a 3M tinted window film isn't just a dark film plastered to your window. While the films do block some of the light that comes into your home, they will by no means cause your home to be dark. There are a variety of tints available in varying levels of protection. If you'd rather your home have an abundance of natural light, you can choose a tint in a lower level. If you prefer a home that's a tad bit darker, you can surely choose a film that offers a higher amount of tint. Additionally, when the films are applied, they're tailored to fit to the windows and cause no disruption to the overall aesthetic. All you'll be able to see is a beautiful window!

Is it worth it?

If you own a home in Palm Desert, then yes, 3M residential window tinting is especially helpful. Not only will it protect your upholstery from fading, but it can also help to keep the utilities costs at a low. Master Window Solutions has experience with a variety of tints and applications, so you can count on us for a reliable job. If you're interested in a protective film, give us a call and we'll set you up with an appointment.

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