3M Prestige 90 Exterior Project in Rancho Mirage, CA

The customer’s front door and windows are East facing. They receiver a lot of heat coming in through them in the morning and is beginning to damage the furniture and art. They have a Very White Home on the Interior and Exterior. They needed to have as much clarity as possible. We installed 3M Prestige 90 Exterior Film on the Front Door, Large Side Window, and the Clear Story windows above them. There home is more efficient, cooler, and also 99.9% UV Ray protected (SPF 1000). The Exterior product is almost completely clear as it is letting 90 percent of the light to come through the film. It is blocks the heat up to 40% as it blocks the heat on the windows and door prior to penetrating through them. It is an exceptional product for use on double pane and thick glass. It does not change the look of the glass.

Budget: $20,000

  • Brand: 3M Prestige 90 Exterior Film
  • 3M Window Film
  • 3M Window Tint
  • UV Blocking

3M Prestige 90 Exterior Film Project Gallery

3M Prestige 90 Exterior Rancho Mirage
3M Prestige 90 Exterior Rancho Mirage
3M Prestige 90 Exterior Rancho Mirage
3M Prestige 90 Exterior Rancho Mirage

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