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Quality Palm Desert Window Film

Tomorrow's Technology Today - Palm Desert Window TintMaster Window Solutions is your preferred authorized dealer and installation & removal experts of 3M™ window films. As one of the few professionals in the area that offers you quality window tinting services with high quality Palm Desert Window Tinting Products, we can offer you a great warranty and exceptional services.

These quality window films offer you many types of benefits for your window tinting, including breakthroughs in solar protection for your automobiles, homes, commercial properties, vehicles, motorhomes, and more. Where there’s glass, we can give you the best in window tinting in the Palm Desert, Riverside County, Indian Wells, Palm Springs, La Quinta, Bermuda Dunes, Rancho Mirage, Cathedral City, Indio, Beaumont, and other nearby areas.

UV Blocking

Palm Desert Window Tinting Products, Bermuda Dunes Window TintingWe are all becoming more aware of the damages UV rays can do to our homes and our bodies. Too much sun is a leading contributor to skin diseases like cancer. Excessive UV rays can also damage the delicate tissues of our eyes, even leading to blindness, cataracts, and other eyesight problems. More than ever before, it’s time we protected ourselves and our indoor areas from the harm UV light causes. Window tinting helps you control problems like this as well as furniture fading, fabric fade, dry rot, and woodwork drying.


Heat Blocking

Palm Desert Window Tinting Products, Palm Desert Heat Control Window Film, Decorative Window Films in Indian WellsIn our area of the country, it’s important to block out the heat in the summertime to keep our homes comfortable. The more protection we have on the windows, the more ability our homes have to stay cool because the heat is effectively being blocked out of the home. Windows have very little insulation capability when compared to the rest of the home, and covering them up in order to save energy costs is frustrating and just not appropriate in many cases. With new technologies in window films by 3M™ we can help you keep the heat out and the cool air in!


Light Redirecting

Palm Desert Window Tinting Products, Palm Desert Reflective Window Film, Palm Springs Window TintingHere’s where new technologies really shine in the way of redirecting light with window films. Now the world over can enjoy the best in energy savings, able to redirect as much as 80% of light that comes in from your windows. Using sunlight during wintertime helps to keep your lighting costs down in your home or commercial building has always been one method of saving on lighting costs, but now we can redirect light that would otherwise be wasted.


Security & Decorative

Palm Desert Window Tinting Products, Decorative Window Film in Palm Desert, Palm Desert Window Film CompanyGetting both security and decorative style is a huge plus when you’re wanting to improve your commercial or residential home. With our decorative window films and other Palm Desert Window Tinting Products here at Master Window Solutions, you have many options that will help with both issues at the same time. Your windows, whether on your business property or your home, can be fitted with our window films that help the glass to resist shattering while adding a new design element to your space. Decorative films are available in etched glass, stained glass, and other styles with options in color and patterns.


Anti Graffiti

Palm Desert Window Tinting Products, Palm Desert Anti Graffiti Window FilmOur 3M™ Window films from Master Window Solutions are perfect for graffiti protection! Instead of having to replace your windows or pay for expensive removal services, only replace the window film instead. This is a much more cost effective way to protect your commercial or residential property from vandals.


3M Window Tint Films

Palm Desert 3M Window Films and Tints3M™ Window Tint Film Improves comfort, protects your home and automobile interior and provides comfort for all inhabitants and furniture and decor inside. 3M™ developed window tint in 1966. This cutting edge window product has provided ultimate defense from the sun’s harmful rays for more than 40 years.


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