3M Safety and Security Film in Palm Desert

Palm Desert 3M Safety Film

The weakest points of any house are the glass doors and windows. From basic protection to bullet proof films, people are looking for answers to questions they never thought they'd be asking in their lifetime.

From the Impact Protection Attachment Systems to Anti-Graffiti to Privacy to Safety, our Palm Desert 3M Safety Window Tinting provides you with ultra protection for your security and safety. Our window films give you superior performance over standard polyester films during blast and impact events. Our safety and security films are violable in clear or tinted versions. For the best in sun control as well as security, you want a window film that stands up to a lot of abuse.

3M Security Film Technology

Master Window Solutions 3M Safety and Security Films in Palm DesertWith the ultimate in high technology, the microlayered, tear resistant films add the advantages of keeping the glass together in the event of a break in or severe weather. Heat blocking reduces hot spots by rejecting up to 97% of harmful sun rays. Doing much more than shielding you from high energy bills, they can help protect you, other occupants, and your assets from unwelcome events that would otherwise cause damage or destroy your property.

3M Security Film | Safety and Security

Part of the reason you want privacy is for your safety and security. See through glass offers little in the way of protecting your private areas of your building or home from onlookers, whether they be family members you love or perfect strangers. Our Palm Desert 3M Security Film offers you privacy to effectively block out the view to hide areas of your home or commercial space from unwanted attention.

The video is the understanding of the way our Safety/Security film works. This film is used in mostly commercial, industrial and schools to keep intruders on the outside of glass doors and windows.

Film is NOT bullet proof, the film holds the broken glass in place after bullets penetrate the glass and keeps intruders outside. The shooting is highest type of intrusion. This film also works with normal types of glass breaking entry, rocks, kicking etc.

The safety side is protection from glass shards flying through the air during an earthquake. (Broken glass tied for the highest cause of major injuries or death)

The video shows: Left side intruder breaks a regular tempered (safety) glass and it shatters into small safe pile on the floor (no protection) he walks right through the broken glass.

Right side (same tempered glass) with our clear and invisible 3M Safety and Security film installed glass broken but keeps the intruder on the outside while help is on it's way.

The film is a 3M invented film that's clear and invisible when installed, and must be installed by a professional installer (us) to work properly.

3M Safety and Security Films in Palm Desert


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