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Heat Blocking Window Film in Palm Desert, CA

Heat Blocking Window Film

If you’re a Palm Desert home or commercial business owner, there are ways for you to save even more on your energy bills with our Palm Desert Heat Control Window Film. Our Palm Desert Window Tinting Company has been serving commercial and residential clients since 2006 with window tinting films to help protect assets, make customers and home owners more comfortable, and increase energy savings with the latest technologies in window films from 3M™.

Today, you have many choices when it comes to window tinting and films including the latest in high technology films that can block out up to 60% of the heat coming through your windows. And that’s a lot of heat in our area of the country!

Your windows are important for the health and well being of occupants. Completely blocking the view won’t be a viable option if you’re trying to keep out the heat. Our clear to highly tinted, or decorative style Palm Desert Heat Control Window Film can provide you with protection from the heat and damage of the Sun’s harmful UV rays. Furnishings won’t fade, woodwork won’t dry out, and you’ll solve your hot spot problems where one room or area can’t be cooled as easily as the rest of the space can.

Heat Blocking Window Film Services We Provide Near You

  • Heat Blocking Window Film
  • Heat Resistant Window Film
  • Sun Blocking Window Film

3M™ Heat Blocking Window Tinting Films

Let in the light but block out the heat with heat blocking technology from 3M™! You can do a lot when you solve your problems with too much heat coming in from you windows. These films are designed not to change the appearance of your home with clear to lightly tinted options. You also have decorative styles available to create design for your space. Some of the film styles are:

Prestige Series – This film is the clear to lightly tinted window film that is designed to not change the appearance of your space, allowing up to 70% of visible light but rejecting up to 60% of the heat.

Ceramic Series – This film uses nano-ceramic technology to combine exceptional heat rejection with clarity that’s simply amazing! Allows up to 50% visible light but rejects up to 59% of the heat.

Night Vision Series – This film has dual reflective technology that provides daytime privacy and easier viewing at night. It allows up to 35% visible light through and rejects up to 71% heat. Additional tinting can provide more excellent heat rejection, offering the best in glare reduction.

Commercial Applications for Heat Blocking Window Tinting Films

When you own commercial property, it’s important to control energy costs and make your customers comfortable within your business environment. Every year, new technologies are being invented which allow us opportunities to outfit our commercial structures with systems and methods to help us “go green” and save on energy costs.

Window tinting now provides excellent methods to reduce the heat that infiltrates through windows and protect the indoors from the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays. By blocking heat AND protecting the furnishings and occupants, you’re effectively increasing your success at saving money on energy bills and more. Our Palm Desert Heat Control Window Film helps with:

  • More worker comfort by reducing glare and minimizing solar hot spots.
  • Energy Savings, save up to one ton of air conditioning for every 100 square ft of glass exposed to the sun.

Optimizes the environment to provide a better experience for everyone.

When you’re looking for a way to improve your commercial properties, adding the right window tinting option to the windows is a great way to help you make your property more valuable. All the way around, our Palm Desert Heat Control Window Film at Master Window Solutions give your commercial business or residential home an improvement that gives you the most in energy savings, decorative style for glass surfaces, fading and drying protection, glare protection, and direct sunlight protection.

If you are looking for Heat Blocking Window Film services call our Palm Desert window tinting company, Master Window Solutions at 760-772-3082 or complete our online request form.

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