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Light Redirecting Window Film

Daylight Redirecting uses different methods and means to redirect natural light to the ceiling area instead of the floor where it would otherwise naturally fall. You may be familiar with this concept in one method which uses mirrors to redirect the sunlight into a dark space. Daylighting is the practice of using natural light instead electrical lighting to light dark places that would otherwise require some type of fuel method to bring light into the space. Before electrical light, we used candles, fires, gaslights, and other fuel burning options. Nowadays we just offer Palm Desert Window Tinting.

In our day and age, it has become increasingly important for us to seize every opportunity we can to utilize natural methods of producing our energy. Daylight Redirecting harnesses the sun’s powerful light energy and uses it in a way that’s optimally beneficial for our indoor spaces. With energy costs continuing to rise, a smart building or smart home will include options in Palm Desert Reflective Window Film to help disburse the light of day much deeper into our buildings and homes than we otherwise could.

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  • Light Redirecting Window Film
  • Light Blocking Window Tint Film
  • Tinted Window Film

3M™ Daylight Redirecting Films

As the winner of Architectural Record “Record Products 2014” Facades Winner, this film offers you advanced technologies to increase the energy usage of sunlight in your home. Microscopic structures in the film are able to redirect light up onto the ceiling, providing more natural light for the interior space. This natural light redirected has been linked to increased productivity by employees and increased purchasing behavior by consumers. And of course the targeted function of helping you to reduce your need for electric lighting is primary in helping you save on your energy bills.

This new to the world film uses micro-replication processes to redirect the light that would normally have landed on the floor a few feet from the window. The light is redirected to the ceiling area, creating more reflection and disbursement of visible light waves. By producing more natural light in the space, you’ll have more opportunity to:

  • Boost Retail Sales
  • Decrease Rates of Employee Absenteeism
  • Increase Employee Productivity
  • Improve Student Test Scores
  • Improve Patient Recovery Times
  • Reduce Energy Costs

When you optimize the natural light in a building, the environment provides a better experience for everyone. Daylight redirecting films area very effective solutions to bring in natural light deeper into buildings, increasing comfort for all.

Daylight Redirecting Offers Safe Daylighting Solutions

Other options for daylight redirecting are out there, but there aren’t many that could compare to the our Palm Desert Reflective Window Films from 3M™ as far as safety goes. There are methods involving syklights, roof monitors, sidelighting, lightshelves, and innovative systems with fiber-optics or reflective tubes. Window films for Daylight Redirecting from our Palm Desert Window Tinting Company will be a highly efficient option that’s safer and more cost effective for your home or business.

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