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SECURITY & Decorative Window Film in Palm Desert

Decorative Window Film Our quality Decorative Window Film in Palm Desert from 3M™ offers you the most in security and decorative film options for your windows. Protect your glass surfaces from normal wear and tear as well as graffiti, tagging, etching, and other vandalism. Our quality window films also offer you options in decorative styles to enhance the look of your windows or other glass surfaces in your home, office building, commercial properties, retail store, automobiles, and more.

Not all our window films are enhanced for security protection, but they all offer another layer of protection from normal wear and tear and sun damage. But with our 3M™ impact protection attachment systems, you can have window films that bond the filmed windows to the frame. Attachment systems offer the highest level of protection, strong enough to help protect occupants against bomb blasts. When you need security for your windows, create a robust window protection system that will significantly outperform other window film options.

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Window Films For Security and Safety

Security Window Films

From the Impact Protection Attachment Systems to Anti-Graffiti to Privacy to Safety, our Palm Desert Window Tinting provide you with ultra protection for your security and safety. Our window films give you superior performance over standard polyester films during blast and impact events. Our safety and security films are violable in clear or tinted versions. For the best in sun control as well as security, you want a window film that stands up to a lot of abuse.

With the ultimate in high technology, the microlayered, tear resistant films add the advantages of keeping the glass together in the event of a break in or severe weather. Heat blocking reduces hot spots by rejecting up to 97% of harmful sun rays. Doing much more than shielding you from high energy bills, they can help protect you, other occupants, and your assets from unwelcome events that would otherwise cause damage or destroy your property.

Decorative Window Film in Palm Desert

If glare reduction, heat blocking technology, light redirecting, and harmful UV ray protection isn’t enough, window films also come in decorative styles for your aesthetic pleasure. Window tinting can be beautiful in many applications just by itself, but offering you an easy way to add decorative style to your existing windows is also part of our great services here at Master Window Solutions. Instead of replacing your glass or windows with expensive etched or stained glass, you can have window films that add the same look yet add more protection from every day wear and tear. Add decorative window films to any glass surface including glass in conference rooms, lobbies, retail environments, residential settings, and more!

Window Films for Secure Privacy

3M Privacy Window Films

Part of the reason you want privacy is for your safety and security. See through glass offers little in the way of protecting your private areas of your building or home from onlookers, whether they be family members you love or perfect strangers. Decorative Window Film in Palm Desert offers you privacy to effectively block out the view to hide areas of your home or commercial space from unwanted attention. Our Palm Desert Window Tinting Company has so many options in styles and patterns as well as function that all your glass surfaces could be covered if you so desire. Our window tinting products come in ranges from clear to tinted to decorative styles that are also useful for privacy. Our crystal frosted finishes are elegant and beautiful in several colors, offering you differing levels of privacy.

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