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UV Blocking Window Films

Are you looking for a way to use UV Blocking to increase your indoor comfort, reduce glare, and minimize solar hot spots in your home, commercial business space, or for automotive use? If so, our Palm Desert Sun Control Window Films are the right option for you! Window films and window tinting has been around for a long time, but improvements in window film technologies have brought in highly efficient products that can do everything from blocking out most of the heat and/or sunlight to redirecting wanted natural light to areas that would otherwise need electrical lighting to illuminate.

When you provide an abundance of natural light to a building, you’re doing a lot to conserve energy in lighting costs. But unfortunately, light means energy and by bringing in extra light you’re also likely to bring in extra heat that you don’t want.

On top of the heat problem, you have direct exposure to harmful ultra violet light that can cause health problems for humans light eyesight and vision problems, skin cancer, and more. Not only is too much exposure to the sun bad for us, it’s also very uncomfortable to be forced to deal with it if you’re an employee or home occupant who has no other choice. That’s why our window tinting solutions are perfect if you are looking for cancer prevention or melanoma protection.

Blocking harmful UV rays with our Palm Desert Sun Control Window Films here at Master Window Solutions ensures you’re protecting not only your furnishings from fading, your wood from drying out, and your carpeting from damage, but you’re also doing a lot to make the occupants more comfortable and healthy.

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3M™ UV Blocking Window Tinting Films

Heat UV Blocking Window FilmsIn today’s day and age, it’s amazing what we can do with new technologies. Our Palm Desert Sun Control Window Films offer you the most in energy savings and harmful UV blocking window tint that gives you super cool protection for your home or business. As the first of its kind, this film offers you everything in the way of sun control with additional features built in.

The Ultra Prestige Window Tint Series can hold glass together for safety and security, and blocks infrared light to reduce hot spots, and block heat. In fact, it rejects up to 97% of the sun’s infrared rays.

Why You Want Our UV Blocking Window Tinting

UV Protection Window FilmsOur Palm Desert UV Window Tinting Company is all about helping you to save energy costs, making your property healthier for occupants, and helping you add value to your property. We service residential and commercial property owners with the best in Palm Desert window tinting films applications including automotive window tinting.

Our highly efficient window films give you many choices in protective films that can control the sun’s energy and natural light. And that’s important because you may have more than one problem to address in your home or building. Windows that face direct sun give you the most UV ray energy infiltration which is damaging to health as well as assets within the building like flooring, furnishings, drapery, and more.

Some areas of the building may be experiencing places called hot spots where the area is simply too heavily affected by sun energy and can’t be cooled like the rest of the space. These hot spots are frustrating and uncomfortable, but with the right film can be controlled.

Other windows may be letting in the right amount of light, but areas nearby could use more light. Light redirecting films are useful for those windows.

And then there are areas of your home or commercial building you just need some privacy or need to hide from view. Decorative styles, opaque styles, or heavy tinting styles can accomplish this privacy need.

Controlling your indoor space, climate, and lighting with our Palm Desert Sun Control Window Films helps you save energy costs no matter which type of solution you choose. There are many options to choose from, with many offering you solutions to harmful Ultra Violet Light by using UV Blocking Window Tint. Improve your home or commercial property by adding the right solutions to your windows!

If you are looking for UV Blocking Window Films services call our Palm Desert window tinting company, Master Window Solutions at 760-772-3082 or complete our online request form.

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