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Window Tinting Services For Your Palm Desert Home, Car or Business

When you’re looking for great window tinting or window films, you’re looking for our Palm Desert Window Tinting professionals here at Master Window Solutions. As the area’s premier experts in window tinting, we can help you with all your residential windows, glass, and more, or we can help you with commercial window solutions you’re going to love!

Too often, we rely only on our windows to keep the heat out and the cool air in during the summertime, but now there are ways to offer you the best in window tinting that will help you with all your energy saving! Add window tinting to any glass or window in your home, your business, your retail space, and your vehicles!

Residential Window Tinting

Palm Desert REsidential Home Window TintingYour home offers a lot in energy protection, but we can help you take it ever one step further to help you save on energy bills. Our quality Palm Desert Window Tinting films are available for your home as well, so you’ll never have to worry about loosing all that energy out your windows. Window films are also beautiful, with many patters, styles, colors, and other options.


Retail Store Window Tinting

Palm Desert Store Window TintingYour retail store windows need as much protection from damaging sun rays as is possible without taking away from your customers view of your retail products. You want you customers to be able to see in so they can see your displays and answer questions. But a darkened window that you can’t see in means the business could be having problems. Light up your windows and protect your customers with our Master Window Solutions!


Commercial Window Tinting

 Palm Desert Commercial Window TintingWhether it’s security, solar energy protection, or decorative window films you’re looking for, we can help. Having windows or glass that does little to keep out the sun’s rays and other harmful elements of nature means that you as a person isn’t very protected either. Instead of damages from harmful rays. you’ll end up with great energy savings as well!


Window Film Removal

Palm Desert Window Film RemovalIf you’ve ever removed window film, you know how incredibly hard it can be. This is why we offer this valuable service to our clients. Window Film Removal should be done professionally to ensure the proper removal. We have all the right tools and methods to remove your window films of all types. At Master Window Solutions, we’ve handled may film removal projects and would love the opportunity to earn your trust as well!


Automotive Films & Tints

Palm Desert Auto TintingFor the best in 3M™ automotive films such as Crystalline, FX Premium and Color Stable films, choose Master Window Solutions! Our Palm Desert Window Tinting team offers suitable solutions for your automobile windows or glass for better protection from direct sunlight. Giving you more energy efficiency and protection from the harsh sun rays means you’re more comfortable and safer in your automobile.


If you are looking for a professional Palm Desert Window Tinting Company for your Residential or Commercial Window Tinting needs, please call 760-772-3082 or complete our online request form.

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