Earthquake Readiness 3M Safety Film

Earthquake Readiness and 3M Safety Window Films in Palm Desert

During an earthquake we have been told to stay away from windows. Windows can shtter with such a force that you can be severely or fatally injured many feet away.

Earthquake Readiness and 3M Safety Window Films in Palm Desert

No one knows when a Earthquake will happen, but we do know that its going to happen. One idea all scientists will agree on is we are way overdue for the Big One! We at Master Window Solutions can help protect you and your family from flying glass during an Earthquake. Flying glass has been determined to be one of the causes of severe to fatal injuries. Hospitals and emergency rooms have been advised after an earthquake to be ready for severe injuries caused by falling debris and flying glass. Studies have found the building movement causes the falling debris, but also causes the glass doors and windows to explode due to the twisting movement of glass in their frames.

Master Window Solutions can install Safety film to all windows and glass doors, stopping shards of sharp glass hurdling in all directions when the windows and glass doors break from an Earthquake. Our Clear Safety film is designed and made by 3M for protection during glass breakage. 3M Safety Film has UV protection built into it, so its actually protecting your furnishings from the harmful UV rays from the sun everyday. So when the Big One hits are you protected? Don’t wait, we’re just a phone call away. Call Master Windows Solutions today and talk to one of our 3M Safety Film Professionals today.

If you are looking for earthquake readiness services call our Palm Desert window tinting company, Master Window Solutions at 760-772-3082 or complete our online request form.

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